LMV-50/MP 2 Axis CNC Knee Mill

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LMV-50/MP 2 Axis CNC Knee Mill

Sharp Industries
Model #: LMV-50/MP-2
Manufacturer: Sharp Industries

LMV-50/MP 2 Axis CNC Knee Mill

A PC-based controlled 2 axis (table and saddle) CNC vertical knee mill. The MILPWR System by Acu-Rite has a highly user-friendly conversational programming format that is powerful enough to handle any job and easy enough for anyone to operate. The system can be used as a full function digital readout, as a programmable CNC control, or both.


MILLPWR 2 axis CNC system by Acu-Rite.

Digital Servo drive systems for X and Y axes travel.

Precision-ground ballscrews with preloaded ball nut assemblies.

3 axis (table, saddle, quill) digital readout system.

Automatic lubrication system.

Safety hand wheels.

Machine features same as Models LMV, LMV-50, TMV, TMV-1.

10î flat-panel LCD display operator console

3-D, color keypad

RS-232 port

3-1/2" floppy disk drive

Emergency table stop button

Remote stop-go switch

User friendly conversational programming format. No prior programming experience is necessary.

Standardized menus make it easy to program common features like lines, arcs, pockets, bolthole patterns, islands, spirals and ellipses. To add a feature to the program, simply press a function key and then follow the prompts.

Perform complex calculations to solve geometry and trigonometry problems.

Edit individual steps or merge whole or partial programs already created by using functions such as: Mirror/repeat/rotate, Explode, Reverse step, Reverse path, Change steps, Delete steps, Copy/move steps.

Import geometry directly from a CAD file using the MILLPWRís DXF file input-for faster programming and fewer errors.

Preview each step with immediate-part-view graphics ñ the console automatically shows a graphic representation of each step once it is created in a program.

For detail information on Acu-Rite Millpwr CNC control system, please go to the following web site www.acu-rite.com

Digital Variable Speed Head (DVS) available:

Why DVS head?
High reliability with fewer moving parts than regular vari speed head

Dynamic brake

Low voltage control

Large Digital rpm display

Fully enclosed display unit

Dependable Inverter Drive System

Machine can run on single phase or 3 phase electricity

Safety device prevents machine from self starting after power failure or after emergency stop being pushed


Working surface 9îx 50î
T-slot number, size 3, 5/8î
Table travel 11îx 32î
Ram travel 12î
Quill travel; z-axis 5î
Knee travel 16î
Spindle to column 6-3/4"- 18-1/2"
Spindle to nose to table 2- 1/8î-18î
Motor 3 HP
Wiring voltage 220/440V, 3 phase, 60 H
Taper R-8
Speed (vari speed) 60-4,500 RPM
Quill feed (IPR) 0.0015, 0.003, 0.006î
Head swivel 360‚àû
Head tilt; left-to-right 45‚àû
Head tilt; up-and-down 45‚àû
Dimensions and Weight
Floor area 101x64x84
Net weight (lbs) 3250

Hard-chrome ways (LMV, LMV-50)
Hardened and ground box ways (TMV, TMV-1)
Front and rear way covers
Automatic lube system
Tool Kit

DVS Head wired 220V
440V Transformer - 3HP
6î ìKurtî Vise with Swivel Base
R-8 collet set.
Clamping kit.
Right angle milling attachment.
Riser block. Power drawbar.
Coolant System with Chip Pan At Base
Power Draw Bar
Halogen Work light