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The ATLANTIC 10'x1/4" is the most budget friendly machine in our shearing line.

2 hydraulic cylinders connected to each other in series pull down the ram (under driven).

This shear has a maximum capacity of 1/4" mild steel with tensile strenght of 60,000 PSI or 10GA stainless steel.

New: Standard SP8 Control: CNC Backgauge and Rake Angle

Starting November 2002 all HDE model shears will have the new SP8 control as a standard. The SP8 CNC controls the backgauge and rake angle of the machine.

The control also features a programmable retraction of the backgauge and programming mode. Click on the pic to the left to see a larger size picture of the new SP8

Customers who do not like a CNC can still order a machine without CNC upon request

The HDE shears also come standard with a 40" front squaring arm with measuring scale and tilting stop and a manual adjustable blade clearance setting which can be adjusted at the front side of the machine. The shear has an oversized oiltank to minimize the amount of oil changes and to prevent heating of the oil in warmer climates.

Atlantic shears have table blocks on all models in stead of solid tables often found on competitor machines. The table blocks have several advantages: It's easier for the operator to grab the sheet from the side, less chances of smashing fingers between the workpiece and the table and the dirt from hot rolled steel will not lay on the table but will fall in between the blocks. We offer blocks with ball transfers as an option on all machines.

Specifications & Standards

Standard motorized backgauge of 39".

Hydraulic sheet hold downs on seperate hydraulic circuit for better pressure control.

Standard 40" squaring arm with scale and tilting front stop.

Very large oil tank.

Cutting capacities rated for steel with 62,000 PSI tensile strenght.

Programmable rake angle with the new SP8 control

Quick manual blade clearance setting with leveler

Setup, installation and training by factory trained engineers, nationwide.

1 Year warranty on parts and labor.

Configurations & Models

HDE 06' x 1/4" & motorized backgauge

HDE 10' x 1/4" & motorized backgauge

HDE 10' x 1/4" & swing-up backgauge

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