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The ATLANTIC HDS(X) shears are hydraulic guillotine shears with capacities from 1/4" - 5/8" and cutting lengths of 10' - 12'.

ATLANTIC HDS(X) shears come standard with the SP8 CNC Control

The HDS(X) with the new optional SC70 CNC control has a programmable rake angle setting and blade clearance setting.

The HDS(X) shear line comes with a standard motorized backgauge. Swing up or Swing away backgauges are offered as a standard on certain models.

On the right you can see a HDSX model 1/2" capacity, 10' cutting length.

The optional CE safety guard at the back of the machine has a optical barier to stop the machine when a person is at the back of the shear.

New: Standard SP8 Control: CNC Backgauge and Rake Angle

All HDS model shears will have the new SP8 control as a standard. The SP8 CNC controls the backgauge and rake angle of the machine.

The control also features a programmable retraction of the backgauge and programming mode. Click on the pic to the left to see a larger size picture of the new SP8

New: SC70 CNC control

The SC7 control was recently replaced by the new SC70 CNC control. The SC70 has a material library in its memory where the customer can program pre-determined rake angle and blade clearance settings.

The very modern looking SC70 has a pivot screen with amber colored LCD screen. The CNC also has a program memory for cutting several length workpieces out of one sheet.

The SC70 control can be programmed in both single cut or multiple cut mode. Features such as: retraction, automatic rake angle and blade clearance setting are standard on this control. Click on the picture to see a larger screenshot of the SC70.

High Speed Backgauge System

The HDSX 10'x1/4" and 12' x 1/4" come standard with a high speed servo-driven backgauge. The precision ball screws are belt driven. The position accuracy of the backstop is 0.004"


The Atlantic shears are guillotine type shears. This means that the cutting action is a scissors cutting action. The hydraulic cylinders on the HDS(X) shears are positioned directly above the ram and push the ram in a downwards direction. Guillotine shears have several advantages above swingbeam type shears. They are made to cut several material types and thicknesses and have no twist in the frame like swingbeam types. The rake angle and blade clearance are adjustable on the HDS machines and programmable on the HDSX machines.

The oiltank on all Atlantic shears is large and oversized to prevent overheating of the oil and minimize oil change times. You will often find small oil tanks with oil coolers on other shears. The oil tank has a big cover to make cleaning of the tank easy during oil changes.

Adjustable Rake Angle and Blade Clearance Setting

We adjust the rake angle on the HDSX shears by pumping more oil into or releasing oil out of the right cylinder. The automatic rake and blade clearance setting on the HDSX shears are controlled by the SC70. The SC70 controls 2 hydraulic cylinders which push the ram of the shear forward or backward. The ram is guided between 4 spring loaded bearings. The rake and clearance are set automatically by entering the material and thickness of the sheet to be cut.

Sheet Holddowns

The sheet holddowns on the HDS(X) models are hydraulic controlled. When the operator activates the footpedal of the machine, hydraulic oil is sent to the sheet holddowns. The holddowns use a seperate hydraulic circuit with seperate pump. A pressure actived switch is used for the right pressure setting. The holddowns on both sides of the shear are installed closer together to cut small plates.

Cutting Light (Shadow Light)

The HDS(X) comes standard with halogen cutting lights to light the cutting area. The shadow line can be seen on the part to cut. The halogen lights can be reached easy to replace.

Specifications & Standards

Standard motorized backgauge, high-speed version on all 1/4" CNC models.

Hydraulic sheet hold downs on seperate hydraulic circuit for better pressure control.

Standard 40" squaring arm & 2 front support arms on 1/4" CNC models.

Very large oil tank.

Cutting capacities rated for steel with 80,000 PSI tensile strenght.

Optional SC70 CNC control for automatic gauging and rake angle & blade clearance setting.

Setup, installation and training by factory trained engineers, nationwide.

1 Year warranty on parts and labor.

Configurations & Models

HDS 10' x 1/4", 12' x 1/4" & motorized backgauge

HDS 12' x 1/4" & swing-up backgauge

HDS 06' x 3/8", 10' x 3/8", 12' x 3/8" & motorized backgauge

HDS 10' x 3/8", 12' x 3/8" & swing-away backgauge

HDS 06' x 1/2", 10' x 1/2", 12' x 1/2" & swing-away backgauge

HDS 06' x 5/8", 10' x 5/8", 12' x 5/8" & swing-away backgauge

All models are available with our SC70 CNC control.

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