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C 320 SA

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C 320 SA

Model C 320 SA -Semi-automatic operation with simple economical controls. An air over hydraulic system provides optimum sawing rates with minimum effort by the operator. Optimum cutting rates are yielded with controls over the sawing pressure and sawing speed, and the air vise can be equipped with infinitely variable clamping pressure to prevent distortion of structurals.

The C 320 SA Series features rugged heavy duty vertical column circular sawing machines with saw frame swiveling capability for mitering. The vertical column construction provides extremely stable saw frame guidance and stability, with vibration free sawing! The C 320 SA can be used for production of tubes and profiles and small solids.

The machine can operate in a conventional 90 cutoff mode for conventional sawing, and with a simple turn of a locking lever, the saw frame can be swiveled to any desired angle up to 45 left or 60 right for miter sawing. The mitering device carries a highly visible scale, and comes equipped with a preset stop for accurately returning to zero.

Standard Equipment Includes:

Heavy Duty Drive, TEFC Motor

24 Volt Controls, Low Volt & OL Protection

Height/Depth Cut Adjustments

Hydraulic Oil

Totally Enclosed Transmission

Electricals to NFPA-79 Electrical Standards

24 Volt Controls

HSS Sawblade

Full coolant System

Operators Tools

All Safety Guards

Variable Clamping Pressure (optional)




Electricals (specify one)

220/3 or 460/3

Max Blade (in)

12.5 315mm

Spindle RPM

17/33 or Variable 17-66

Max Vise Opening




Coolant Capacity

5 gallons

Work Height


Capacity Chart:




3 x 5.75

45 (l)



3 x 4

45 (r)



3 x 4

60 (r)



2.75 x 4

Capacities shown are max envelope. Each individual cutting job must be considered

with regards to type and shape of material, and quantity of pieces per day.

AC100 Freestanding Roller Conveyor 12 x 5

AC101 Freestanding Roller Conveyor 12 x 10

AC300 Custom infeed/outfeed conveyor mounted to machine 12x5

AC301 Custom infeed/outfeed conveyor mounted to machine 12x10

AC303 Accu-cut material stop w/ scale 0-72 long

AC106 Vertical Guide Rollers, (set of two)

AC102 Custom worktable infeed/outfeed 6 conveyor mounted to machine

AC103 Additional 6 for above

AC104 Custom worktable infeed/outfeed 6 conveyor mounted to machine w/ measuring system

AC105 Additional 6 for above

AC106 Vertical Guide Rollers, (set of two)

Vertical side guide rollers for custom conveyors, pair of 2

AC118 Custom outfeed roller conveyor with Digital measuring system, 12 wide x 12 long, with cover plates between rollers, coolant return through, micro-adjustable legs, mounted to machine

AC128 Pneumatic Top Clamp

AC117 Footswitch

AC116 Built-in Mist Coolant

AC330 Variable vise clamping pressure

Other Views:

Controls Vise view

More pictures are available upon request.

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