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Gantry 3000

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Gantry 3000

Gantry - Horizontal Band Saws

The large Gantry series combine a modern machine tool design and Soitaab_ extensive experience in the efficient, cost-effective cutting of large work pieces. This is a machine designed to cut large heavy blocks of metal. The most efficient method of cutting larger blocks is to have the machine move and the block of material remain stationary. The material is loaded on the worktable using overhead cranes or large fork lifts and there is no interference with the gantry during the loading process.

Models available include Gantry 1250, Gantry 1500, Gantry 2000, Gantry 2500 and the Gantry 3000 that come in super automatic mode.

Standard Features

Head movement is made on ball screws and is actuated by a vector motor
The hydraulic system feeds the material and moves powered guide arms
PLC controls the 3 axis cutting dynamics
PLC control, capable of programming up to 400 cutting jobs
Cutting parameters such as blade speed can be programmed
Blade guides are adjusted with a hydraulic cylinder and the guides can be rotated 90_ for cross cutting


Extended gantry travel
Laser beam light
Service modem
Blade break-in program
Shut off fence
Rotating blade guide

Model No.
Gantry 3000
Capacity120" x 120"3000 mm x 3000 mm
Thickness:812" (67' 8")
.063"20630 mm
80 mm
1.6 mm
Blade Speed:33-328 SFM10-100 m/min
Blade Wheel Diameter:63" and 24"1600 mm / 600 mm
Blade Drive:
Hydraulic Drive:
31 Hp
14 Hp
23.3 kW
10.5 kW

Stroke:200"5000 mm
Machine Weight:121,253 lbs55000 kg
Dimensions:364" wide
339" long
287" high9250 mm wide
8600 mm long
7300 mm high

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