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Product Details
MSH-08250 Capacity Mild Steel 1/4"
Cutting Length 10'6"
Throat Depth 5-13/16"
Back Gauge 36"
Front Gauge 48"
Rake Angle 130'
Motor 15HP
Weight Lbs. 16,100
Dimensions L x W x H 154" X 68" X 70"

Note: Specifications subject to change without notice
36 SIEMENS Multi-step CNC back gauge: accuracy at 0.002"
60 position pre-set backgauge memory for shearing heavy material or production process with no need of layout or holding material, then adjusting back gauge
one-step go-to position control on backgauge
Auto-swing up back gauge at full travel
Programmable cutting width control
Programmable cutting stroke control
Easy operating control console: Prompting instruction for easy operation and service
Running status display on control consolel Manual/Auto modeBack gauge position
Cutting widthNumber of cutting strokes

Blade setup message at power on to prompt operator

Rapid precision blade clearance adjustment
Steady cutting speed and rapid back stroke for high efficient performance
Multi - control mode Pushbutton / Foot switch operation
Single cut/ continue cuts mode
Multi-backgauge position and multi-cuts automatic control mode

Auto clamping pressure control on hold down feet auto-adjustable to various material
Complete hydraulic, electric overload protection avoids operating fault

Two square arm with stainless steel rule and disappearing stops 7 Ft squaring arm on left to square long sheet material
4 Ft squaring arm on right to provide even knife service life on both ends

Front gauge with adjustable disappearing stops and stainless steel rule
4 Ft front support arms
Ball transfers in table for easily handling heavy metal
Ball transfers on front support arms, front gauge bar and right squaring arm
Shadow light and line for positioning scribed line
Cut-off material sliding tray for easy-collecting cutting material
Safety guard
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