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VW-18 II- Manual Vertical Band Saw

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VW-18 II

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Compact and Effective!

The New VW-18 II is a manual, 18" x 22" (457 mm x 558 mm) vertical cutting bandsaw with a compact design that delivers maximum versatility, ease-of-use and maintenance. Ergonomically designed with all the main functions and set up at the front.

The blade has increased from 1" to 1 1/4"
Now with 60 mitering capability left and right
New adjustable saw head that can cut at 90 and be adjusted to cut at a 3 cant

A very important new feature is the Quick Change Column which is standard on the new Series II. This allows the saw head column to be easily set upright at 90 or at a 3 forward cant. There is an easy to read angle scale and is equipped with stops at 60.

Standard Features
Variable frequency drive
Full stroke, hydraulic vise
Powered blade brush
Ergonomic design
Easy access servicing panels
Heavy-duty gearbox and motor assembly
Articulating, telescopic control panel
Large, easy-to-read angle scale
Compact design
Linear bearings for smooth, precise head movement


Overhead bundling
Additional vise
Variable vise pressure
Tall square vise insert
Work stop

Mist lubrication system
Idler conveyor
Powered conveyor

Hyd-Mech Specifications

Model No.
VW-18 II

Straight Head
3 DEG Cant Head

At 90 Vertical

18" (w) x 22" (h)
18" diameter

457 mm (w) x 558 mm (h)
457 mm diameter

18" (w) x 20.75" (h)
18" diameter

457 mm (w) x 527 mm (h)
457 mm diameter

At 45
18" (w) x 15" (h)
15" diameter
457 mm (w) x 381 mm (h)
381 mm diameter
18" (w) x 14" (h)
14" diameter
457 mm (w) x 355 mm (h)
355 mm diameter
At 60
18" (w) x 10.25" (h)
10.25" diameter

457 mm (w) x 260 mm (h)
260 mm diameter
18" (w) x 9.5" (h)
9.5" diameter

457 mm (w) x 241 mm (h)
241 mm diameter

16' 4"

4978 mm
31.75 mm
0.9 mm

Blade Speed: 65-385 SFM
(variable frequency drive)
20-117 m/min
(variable frequency drive)

Blade Guides: Carbide Carbide
Blade Wheel Diameter: 19" 482 mm
Blade Drive:
Hydraulic Drive:
5 hp
.5 hp
3.7 kW
.37 kW

Hydraulic System:
500 psi
Hydraulic head feed
3450 kPa
Hydraulic head feed

Hydraulic Tank Capacity:
4 U.S. Gallons
15 litres

Coolant Tank: 12 U.S. Gallons 45 litres
Hydraulic Motor: .5 hp
0.37 kW
Vise Control:
Full Stroke Hydraulic
Full Stroke Hydraulic
Blade Tension:

Head Swing:
Guide Arm:

Table Height: 36.5" 927 mm
Machine Weight: 2,800 lbs 1275 kg
Dimensions: 36" wide
94.5" long
96" high (@ 90) 914 mm wide
2400 mm long
2438 mm high(@ 90)

In line with HYDMECHs policy of on-going product improvement, we reserve the right to modify features and specifications. Note that some options may not be available or are standard on the CE machines. Please check with your dealer for option availability.

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